Published on 7 November 2023

Redefining the Customer Experience with Zoom Contact Center

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Annisa Nur Fauzi

In an era where customer service is a critical differentiator for businesses, Zoom Contact Center is poised to redefine the customer experience. With a mission to provide meaningful customer engagement, Eric Loh as a Customer Experience Sales Specialist Asia from Kayreach System shared that Zoom platform can bring together a powerful set of tools that leverage the last decade’s advancements in call and video quality. These tools are optimized for different network conditions, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, and are enriched with AI-driven capabilities.

Today’s customers seek convenience. They desire instant digital access to services and prefer self-sufficiency. First-contact issue resolution is vital, as is the flexibility to choose how they interact with businesses – be it from anywhere, at any time, through any channel, or on any device. Then, Eric shared about what Zoom Contact Center Offers in CX. Zoom Contact Center brings together an array of features that redefines the customer experience, such as One Platform, Limitless Human Connection: It’s about driving impact, making teamwork more meaningful, strengthening customer relationships, and enabling seamless workflows.

Why Zoom?

Zoom’s Contact Center stands out in three key ways:

  1. Intelligent Self-Service and Routing. Zoom’s chatbot leverages advanced AI/ML technology, delivering highly specific responses. It precisely routes customer queries to agents, maintaining seamless continuity.
  1. Unified Communications and Contact Center. Unlike competitors, Zoom offers a truly unified platform, bridging the gap between unified communications and contact center solutions. It enhances internal collaboration, making communication more efficient.
  1. Rich Built-in Video Capabilities. Zoom’s native integration of video capabilities into the customer-agent interaction sets it apart. The platform provides efficient click-to-video capabilities and a personalized video waiting room for customers.

In this session, Eric also introduces Zoom Virtual Agent. He said that imagine you can resolve 50-60% of customer requests without human agent intervention. Zoom Virtual Agent, powered by advanced AI, seamlessly automates interactions. It offers intelligent responses and integrates with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and company knowledge bases. In cases where a human agent is needed, the chatbot provides a seamless handoff.

In the end, Eric said that Zoom Contact Center’s evolution is not only raising the bar for CX but also setting new standards for the industry. With its unique capabilities, it promises to reshape how businesses engage with their customers in an increasingly digital and remote world. (ANF) 

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