Published on 25 October 2023

Pave the Way for AI and Cloud: How to Craft CX Strategy that Optimizes RETURN and Mitigates DISRUPTION

Words by:

Annisa Nur Fauzi

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences while optimizing employee productivity is crucial for any organization. Therefore, Juliet Lee as Regional Manager, CX Solutions – ASEAN, had the opportunity to introduce AVAYA, a leader in communication and contact center solutions, offering a groundbreaking solution to address these challenges. The Avaya Experience Platform provides a suite of applications designed to empower businesses to offer top-notch customer interactions and enhance employee efficiency. 

Avaya understands the importance of data security and compliance with local regulations. Avaya can deliver a Secure Private Cloud with data contained within a specific country if required. This ensures that your data is protected and compliant with local laws, giving you peace of mind. The Avaya Experience Platform provides a level of security, control, and customization that rivals that of a Private Cloud, all while maintaining the rapid deployment speed of Public Cloud solutions. Automation tools simplify onboarding and ongoing support, and pre-defined Data Centers host pre-built Virtual Private Clouds.

With a Private Cloud solution, clients have complete control over maintenance windows, minor upgrades, and release schedules, allowing for seamless workflow integration and user/agent testing. This level of control is essential for ensuring business continuity and efficiency. Avaya’s solution offers cost-effective advantages by providing dedicated cloud instances, allowing for unique 3rd party integrations. This means your organization can optimize its cloud infrastructure while controlling costs effectively.

The Avaya Experience Platform is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to empower organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences and maximize employee productivity. These applications cover a wide range of communication channels, including voice, email, web chat, text messaging, and even support for bringing your channels like Facebook Messenger. One of the platform’s key features is its ability to provide customers with 24/7 self-service capabilities that are natural and dynamic, using natural language processing. This ensures that customers can access your services at any time, enhancing their experience.

Many organizations want to adopt innovative new functionality without disrupting their existing systems. Avaya’s Experience Platform Connect allows businesses to retain their existing investments while adding new digital channels and capabilities from the cloud. Avaya’s Experience Platform is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. It empowers organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, optimize employee productivity, and transition to the cloud seamlessly. With a focus on security, customization, and cost-effectiveness, Avaya is the partner you need to drive your business forward while enhancing customer and employee experiences. (ANF)