Published on 27 October 2023

Impact of Generative AI: Empower, Elevate, and Convert 

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Annisa Nur Fauzi

The relentless advance of technology continues to shape the way businesses operate, and one of the most transformative innovations in recent years is Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking technology is redefining the landscape of customer interactions and business processes. 

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating content or responses that are not simply pre-programmed but generated by the AI system itself. It has the remarkable ability to produce human-like text, audio, and even video content. This technology is not about replacing humans; it’s about enhancing and automating tasks to improve efficiency and elevate the quality of interactions.

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the contact center industry in various ways, enhancing quality assurance, risk management, availability, information accessibility, and manpower utilization. There are key areas where Generative AI can make a significant impact, such as Self-Service for Simple Transactions, Human-Like Self-Service for Complex Journeys, Proactive AI-Enabled Support, and AI-Enabled Continuous Assistance. 

Then, Andy Gozali, Country Head of Revcomm Indonesia, shared that MiiTel has solutions that can revolutionize communication and learning. MiiTel recognizes the challenges in phone sales and customer service. Often, the communication between operators and customers is like a “Black Box.” Nobody knows exactly why certain outcomes occur, leading to labor-intensive sales and customer service processes. MiiTel’s solution is to bring transparency and efficiency to these interactions. 

Here’s how MiiTel addresses the Black Box problem and transforms communication:

1. Conversation Analysis: MiiTel records and analyzes conversations, providing both a text summary and a voice-to-text transcript. This summary makes it easy to search for keywords and gain insights from past conversations.

2. Speech Analysis: MiiTel’s advanced analysis includes metrics like talk-listen ratios, silences in conversation, overlaps, and even emotional analysis. These insights help improve communication skills.

3. High-Performance Learning: Recordings of high-performing sales calls can be used for training and learning. Team members can directly study the negotiation techniques, intonation, and question responses of top performers.

4. Heatmap Feature: MiiTel’s heat map feature helps identify the best times for leads to be approached based on historical phone activity.

MiiTel aims to empower your team, boost sales talk skills, increase conversion rates, and enhance overall productivity. By analyzing and visualizing communication, MiiTel helps improve your team’s performance, monitor key metrics, and cut unnecessary costs associated with hardware, training, and operations. (ANF) 

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