About ICCA


Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA) was established in 2003 and grow membership from a wide range of industries. Industry coverage from Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, and Telecommunication industries. ICCA membership open to all companies that own or manage contact center operations in Indonesia.

With the development of contact center management, ICCA contribute to the development of contact center support for Indonesia’s economy, particularly through customer service. It is expected that with better customer service creates a climate of ease of doing business and public service.

The development of contact centers in Indonesia to grow along with the increasing use of technology and the availability of adequate telecommunications network. Various companies provide contact center services to a wide range of customer services and transactions, both inbound and outbound. In 2015, Indonesia is estimated to have absorbed the contact center approximately 150,000 contact center workforce increased by about 20% per year.

ICCA hopes to contribute to the development of the contact center in Asia Pacific and the world. In addition to providing services for domestic, Contact Center in Indonesia has also provided services to various countries. At the same time has become a destination visit various companies from various countries.


Its form of notable Industry Contact Center with professional resource as part of National Development.


Developing role of Indonesia contact center as service center that support economic growth, culture and social in south-east Asia with forming the quality of preeminent human resources and competitiveness.


ICCA activities dominated by various activities such as the annual competition The Best Contact Center Indonesia, contact center benchmarking within and outside the country, sharing activities, certification, training, seminars, exhibitions and sports activities. ICCA also has begun to implement a contact center certification for practitioners, so expect to get a standard capability in managing contact center.