Published on 15 November 2022

Hyper-Personalized CX on the Scale: Industry Leader Exotel Sheds Light on its Full-Stack Offering

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Annisa Nur Fauzi

In the age of the tech revolution, customers have set benchmarks when it comes to their experience with a business. They expect swift and effective communication. On top of that, they’d like to be pampered and remembered by the company they are dealing with. Personalization at every outreach and touchpoint is effective, but does it suffice in the current market? We doubt that. This is where hyper-personalization comes into play.

Exotel’s full-stack Customer Engagement Platform(CEP) is designed to help emerging markets survive and thrive in the new customer experience arena. It helps companies offer their customers a personalized journey and helps them stay ahead of the curve by bringing automation and artificial intelligence into play. This paves the way for businesses to go about delivering superior customer service. According to a report by Deloitte reports, 90% of customers find personalized advertising content attractive, and 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when they receive a personalized CX.

What is hyper-personalization?

Gone are the days when personalizing based on a customer’s name, gender, and location used to be a thing. Businesses have evolved to an understanding that personalization is far more than that. Studying through patterns and preferences and altering the outreach accordingly is the hyper-personalization model. Companies like Spotify and Netflix are excelling in these aspects. Customers these days have to make just the bare minimum in terms of effort.

Hyper personalization serves everything on the plate for the customers by proactively predicting customers’ needs. For instance, a company might come in looking for an IVR solution, and on studying their business model, it will enable you to pitch conversational AI across platforms. Strategies for personalization are formulated around automation capabilities and data from
client segments. As an alternative, hyper-personalization is supported by sophisticated journey analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Exotel’s hyper-personalization solving critical CX challenges

● All under one roof – Unified CX platform
The first step in providing a flawless and quick customer experience is to release businesses from the constraints of several SLAs and agreements that are associated with various tools and vendors. Multiple tools produce a high degree of context and information consistency distortion as data must move from one tool to another, which slows down the process.

By uniting all customer experience channels under one roof with one supplier (such as contact center software, bots, telco lines, etc.), Exotel’s unified communication platform aids in the resolution of this issue. Businesses may have seamless discussions with customers across channels, from voice to digital, and there are no dependencies on outside vendors. Additionally, it offers a cross-channel context and a 360-degree customer view.

HyperPersonalization – via intelligent conversations
Not all clients have the time to wait for a customer support representative. Most of the time, individuals seek self-service choices that let them quickly and independently get the answers they need. As a result, people are searching for intelligent chatbot choices that facilitate self-service. The chatbot from Exotel is a pleasant self-help tool that uses NLP to comprehend complicated questions and give precise answers.

Without human intervention, it enables organizations to offer intelligent dialogues across channels. Customers can communicate with business bots on many platforms without waiting for agents to connect. Additionally, clients can carry on the same conversation across platforms without repeating themselves. And in situations where more assistance is needed, the chatbot transfers the customer to a live agent.

About Exotel

Exotel is the emerging market’s leading full-stack customer engagement platform. Incorporated in 2011, Exotel’s cloud-based product suite powers 70 million daily engagements across voice, video, and messaging channels. Exotel powers customer engagement to over 7000 companies in 60+ countries, including India, SE Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Today, some of the fastest-growing companies in the emerging markets (Ola, Swiggy, Flipkart, GoJek, Byju’s, Urban Company, HDFC Bank, Zomato, Oyo, etc.) manage their customer engagement with Exotel’s suite of a communication APIs, omnichannel contact center, and conversational AI platform over the cloud. They’re a $100 million Series-D funded company with $60 million in ARR.