Excellent Human Resources, in Competition

Every year, The Best Contact Center Indonesia competition is prepared for a long period of time. Starting just after the end of last year competition, the committee has designed various things. Mainly by listening to feedback from members, about various things that must be corrected. This year is more challenging, given the trust of CC-APAC (Contact Center Associations of Asia Pacific) members to make Indonesia to be their host.

Similar with ICCA, the goals of the CC-APAC are to represent the customer service profession and promote its role, reputation and recognition in the international domain; and to promote professionalism, develop performance standards, recognise service excellence of professionals and encourage best practices sharing, with the active involvement of its Member Associations and members, in order to address changing needs.

The CC-APAC and the respective in country Contact Center Associations namely: Auscontact Association (Auscontact), Contact Center Association of Malaysia (CCAM), Contact Centre Association of Singapore (CCAS), China Contact Center & CRM Association (CNCCA), Hong Kong Call Centre Association (HKCCA),  Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA), Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA) and Thai Contact Center Trade Association (TCCTA).

It is not easy for the management and committee to arrange the Best Contact Center Indonesia competition in various formats. And, we also need to create a competition for the Asia Pacific level which will be participated by various associations. Starting from the socialization activities, briefing participants to competitions and awards events. The individual debriefing activity was attended by hundreds of participants, then the presentation competition was held in 3 days with 9 classes and involved more than 150 judges and participated by approximately 390 participants.

Likewise for teamwork competitions that test various competencies needed at contact centers such as reporting, scheduling, telesales, business processes, quality assurance, writing, IT support in programming and knowledge testing. Although it was not easy, participants were able to overcome various challenges and complete the task well.

The ability to create a CRM application in 6 hours deserves a thumbs up. The ability to analyze research results in 3 hours. Also completing contact center reports or making scheduling or preparing business processes and conducting quality assurance assessments within 2 hours. All that is challenging, and spur them to practice, practice and practice. Through the process it is indeed hard, so if you lose from a long preparation, it is not easy. And, if you win, you will feel the excitement and satisfied.

The long rally in various preparation, of course, requires the committee to work extra. The demands of participants to be perfect at every stage of the race would certainly be a burden that is not light. Seeing them losing is not fun, but making all wins impossible. That’s a competition, some win, some lose. The important thing is they make the momentum to learn and practice.

The Best Contact Center Indonesia competition has become an event that practitioners of contact center have been waiting for. Events that make busy to prepare themselves in a variety of skills to appear in presentations and resolve contact center cases. At the same time caring for mutual respect, establishing friendships with fellow contact center practitioners. This is indeed just a competition, but behind it there are people who want to learn and show their abilities.

This year we became witnessed of various innovations by Indonesian contact center practitioners. The era of digital transformation has changed the face of Indonesia’s contact centers with various innovations. We just complete four days corporate program competition, the contestants have shown various innovations in several categories namely Contact Center Operations, Business Contribution, People Development, Employee Engagement, Customer Experiences and Digital Media.

A contact center is not just a group of people who work to reach Service Level, First Contact Resolution, or Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Contribution. More than that, we build communities that are able to provide the best service and provide a culture of mutual respect. We build the ability of contact center practitioners by continuing to learn, innovate and make the best contribution.

Today and tomorrow, we will join together to see presentations from various institutions and companies that achieve the best performance in their country. Some of the participants were association representatives from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. There are 16 companies that will present their various advantages. The CC-APAC competition will take place in two days conference, which will feature 2 categories namely Manager Award and Innovation Awards.


Hoping that this activity will be an opportunity for various contact center practitioners to share experiences, as well as give awards to those who excel. Hope this activity is useful to develop our ability to face the challenges of contact center services. The demands of customers and society are increasingly high, causing us to continue to innovate.

Certainly we are not perfect, we continually strive to make improvements. We will be glad to get feedback from all of you, as you do to serve customers with all their requests and complaints. We believe that by sharing our experiences, we will become better and more beneficial to others.

Last but not least, please allow me to present special appreciation to all parties involved in the preparation of this activities. Specifically to committees and my lovely team at Telexindo. As well for all participants and sponsors, Avaya and Xiaoi as Platinum, Genesys, Telexindo, Aruwa and Customer Experience Lab, as Gold sponsors. Verint, Poly as a Silver sponsor. Mitracomm, Intelix, Angkasa Pura 2, TelkomTelstra, Neurosensum as Bronze sponsors. We also provide opportunity to some sponsors to share their experiences in developing contact centers.

Enjoy … !

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