Published on 21 August 2019

Cloud of the Customer Center

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ICCA Indonesia

Ongoing technology will pursue greater demands coming from customer experience in the usage of efficiency and problem-solving epiphany. To generate this expectation, corporate share grand output in enhancing the use of call center as part of the enhancement. With cloud computing, what is expected of call center might be able to be built in a minute.

Fundamental inquiries for the first step in the customer experience coming from the requirements for immediate problem resolution. Patience for customer slowly altering to only one to three minutes waiting time, putting greater manifestation for a more fast-paced service level as described in Genesys research report. Omnipotent communications are the standardization within the call center, having to be seen and detected in every channel, customer center indeed need more innovative and changes.

Although, the use improvement of technology, electronic channels such as E-mails, website are the alternative choices by most of the call centers. Although, trends for the usage of communication channel, the use of Voice/IVR/Video was still placed as the highest demands by the consumer within the call center. Report by SQM research shows the belief of solving problems through call center gave the greatest percentage, despite challenges or technology-savvy skills for each generation. Through this experience, importance of call center has not yet dissolved, but as well prying to have more enhancement implemented.

What is Cloud Computing?

A basic definition of the computing can be known as the of services, servers, databases and any types of intelligent information on the Internet where it is known as the “Cloud”. International companies such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure has established this system.

Cloud Within Customer Experience

Data by IBM, has portrayed the raising popularity of real-time cloud information were expected to generate into 14 percent until 2023. And growth within the use of cloud in the contact center for 12% in the market by the NICE Report. The significant increase due to the seamless idea of data integration in the service experience, for dominating a stark accuracy for information sharing.

In every aspect of cloud by its complexity in security, minimal management by having minimum downtime, faster experience and, mobile; cloud generally has greater starting lead for great customer service exposure. Improving CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and extended its usage for greater accessibility.

Improved CRM data can help to generate more personalized experience according to the historical needs of each customer. A powerful platform for a more satisfying customer’s experience, with a higher level of demands, lies in personalization from both Millenials to the people in the age of 54, placing in the number of 40-47% (Genesys, 2018). This certain percentage construe where the expected customer’s satisfaction lies on, especially, when customer experience is the key for company to generate more revenues. With a survey by PwC, 52% of customers very much willing in paying more to experience a greater customer experience. This attitude of customers are very compelling for each company in putting great importance how not only efficiency putting in the effort, but also the solitary levels of experience that any other call centers unable to engage with. Hence, a greater extension of the customer journey was created.

Cloud computing itself has three layers within its infrastructures with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) constructed of a lower level of the CN concept model. It functions as a translator for the ability for any service provider in offering computational infrastructure within a certain level of processing and storage. This layer itself is very necessary to be transparent to the customers.
  • Platform as a Service (PasS) where it came in the middle layer of the CN concept model. It functions as the consumer operating system, software development programming languages, solutions for storage databases and it simplify any application development, testing as well as integration services.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) comes as the third layer of the CN Concept model. It is very much accessible and very much mobile, that can be done in every place and anytime, as long as there is no disruptive Internet connection. No purchases of software needed and hence, the use of SaaS is very minimum cost. Some examples of Sass are Google Docs, Facebook, or Microsoft SharePoint.

A higher level of engagement by cloud in the call center soaring many marketers and business stakeholders for the same agreement in the implementation. As SaaS (Software as a Service) changes the relationship between suppliers and contact centers to receive consultancy, solution, training and help. As the SaaS is part of the cloud infrastructure as the sets of applications.

By, having a greater dataset in the customer experience, cloud computing is just another step taken for an improvement of accelerated customer demand.