Published on 20 September 2022

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS: Solutions Empower Organizations to Deliver Experiences

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Annisa Nur Fauzi

Avaya is reimagining digital communications with innovation that defines the future of work and the customer experience. Our Avaya OneCloud ecosystem and its solutions empower organizations to deliver experiences that matter to customers and employees alike.

Cloud for the Composable Enterprise Avaya is a well-established communications vendor and a long-standing leader in both UCaaS and CCaaS. Recently, the vendor has rolled out its Avaya OneCloud portfolio of solutions that was built in the cloud using the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS framework and was designed from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of composable organizations. Avaya has used the product to build turnkey employee experience apps (UCaaS), including its workstream collaboration offering Avaya Spaces, and customer experience apps (CCaaS) from the CPaaS APIs. This is a markedly different approach from most of the industry. Businesses need to stop thinking of the different cloud archetypes as discrete clouds because a composable enterprise needs each type of cloud model. Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can be deployed across all cloud archetypes.

With Avaya, public and private clouds are not solution capabilities but rather delivery models for communications capabilities such as the following:

  • All cloud archetypes: Built on CPaaS as the cloud foundation
  • Managed/hosted: Broad foundational CX suite that leverages existing investments
  • UCaaS/CCaaS: “As a service” capabilities
  • CRM CEC: Enables a “Total Experience” focus
  • CPaaS: Enables rapid innovation and custom experiences
  • Build your own: SaaS and development platform
  • UC contact center: Supports all employee- and customer-facing workflows

In the past, monolithic systems limited the amount of customization and personalization available to the IT staff when supporting home office workers. Recently, some vendors such as Avaya have moved toward a more “composable” technology architecture, delivering a set of communication components that can be easily leveraged and combined to deliver more effective employee and customer experiences. This is one of the benefits of the Avaya OneCloud™ framework.

Avaya’s “Composable Home Office” approach accelerates employee productivity and drives higher levels of customer satisfaction – even when employees are working outside of the business office. The Composable Home Office has four elements that comprise each solution: Building blocks (Physical, Virtual), an Experiences Composition Architecture (UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS), Experience Building Services (Avaya+Customers, IT+End-users), and the Avaya OneCloud Framework (Application Ecosystem, Layered Innovation).

The physical components include the full portfolio of Avaya devices – each having varying levels of composability. Avaya physical building blocks are purpose-built to maximize home office workforce communications productivity.

The virtual components that can be leveraged for home office solutions include a range of Employee Experience and Customer Experience capabilities. Customer experience categories include getting connected, process orchestration, managing resources and knowledge and insight. These empower remote customer service agents with the same capabilities they have in the business office. Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS, in particular, delivers powerful capabilities that can dramatically increase home office worker productivity – including over 100 calling features. Employee experiences can be fashioned from the broad range of capabilities delivered across calling and messaging, immersive collaboration, and meetings and conferencing. It also enables communications personalization to be consistent across business and home offices and keeps the business IT team in complete control of the employee communications experience. Another building block is Avaya’s Device Enrollment Services that facilitates no-touch experience deployment – when a physical device is part of the solution.

Avaya OneCloud UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS provide the platforms to create and deliver composed experiences to home office users. APIs contained within each of these can be combined with other APIs and with the physical components to deliver powerful employee experiences.

Avaya Composable Home Office solutions benefit from many years of delivering employee and customer experiences including Avaya experiences co-development with customers and the facilitation of co-composition between business IT and employee end users. A critical component of the Composable Home Office equation is having the expertise and know-how to design and deliver communications solutions. Avaya’s services teams work with customers every day to co-develop business solutions that are resilent and supportable. Many solutions are also designed to democratize the composability so that specific lines of business and individual users can finetune them to meet their specific needs – a new development in businesses that has been termed fusion teams.

Avaya OneCloud™ is a multi-cloud applications ecosystem framework that is designed to support the new composable business. Avaya has many technology partners that together provide a powerful composition canvas. Avaya Onecloud delivers the business communications capabilities that employees expect, and it also delivers the technology required to enable secure remote communications – whether the core solution is on-premise or in the cloud. It is built using layered innovation – and is designed to support the API economy and micro-services and to make clever use of “Kubernetes” engines and services.

Avaya OneCloud is not a monolithic application in which when you change one thing, it affects many things. Instead, the application presentation is separated from the services behind the app window. The platform services, implementation containerization, deployment orchestration, and other things can be improved individually and separated from the rest. This means that things can be changed under the hood faster and deliver a continuous supply as well as more advanced or unconstrained improvements. As new capabilities are developed, they can be easily added.

Avaya’s composable home office strategy opens the door to innovation. This can be manifested in both back-office automation and front office experiences.

To serve today’s demanding customers, employees need business communications tools from anywhere they may be working. Avaya composable home office solutions enable the work from home employee’s communication experience to be elevated to maximize productivity and employee and customer satisfaction. It also provides the business IT staff with a “future proof” architecture in which new technologies can be easily added as they come into the market. And it gives businesses the agility that is required to address the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

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