Published on 29 August 2022

Automation for the People

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Annisa Nur Fauzi

Across industries, organizations rely on routine, repetitive processes to achieve their business goals.

These mundane, everyday processes keep the business running smoothly in the front office, the back office and across shared services like IT, HR and finance. They’re often inefficient, and they don’t require creative human thought — like opening an insurance claim, adding a new employee to IT systems or calculating a customer refund. They typically require employees to navigate between various systems, copying and pasting as they go.

By and large, employees would rather not have to execute these processes. They’re boring and take a lot of time – which can cause an employee to miss SLAs or fall short of KPIs. With so many steps, there’s a lot of room for error. Investing in intelligent automation solutions enables business to optimize such operations while enabling employees to deliver the best possible customer service.

With NICE’s integrated platform for automation, employees are freed from tedious, repetitive tasks like copying and pasting data between applications, post call wrap-ups, verification checks and calculations. Automating these routine, error-prone tasks improve process speed, accuracy and efficiency – while boosting employee satisfaction and engagement. Leveraging NICE’s automation platform creates better experiences for employees and customers alike, combining the efficiencies of traditional robotic process automation (RPA) with the power of NEVA, the NICE Employee Virtual attendant.

The NICE process automation solution includes a centralized management (robots control Room) that monitors the livelihood of the system and allocates robotic resources based on your needs at any given time. It is fully scalable, providing real-time visibility and control. The tasks control room enables one to view the specific tasks and the overall volume of work being executed by the robots. This is all visible in a single screen view. The system tracks task successes and failures and provides alerts when a supervisor needs to get involved.

NICE’s open robotic automation framework drives smarter customer service by integrating with leading artificial intelligence technologies. Our process automation robots can learn, understand and execute processes based on unstructured data – scanned documents, chats, text messages and more – while improving themselves over time. They can communicate with all of your organization’s bots, from virtual agents to chat and voice bots, providing end-to-end service by performing back-end actions in real time

Process automation is rarely a one-time opportunity; rather, it offers organizations around the world the ability to continuously improve.

NICE Advanced Process Automation enables one to identify automatable processes and then automate and monitor them. They provide insight into additional areas in which productivity can be improved. By freeing your people to focus on more engaging, higher-value activities, you can optimize your organization, for a very real competitive advantage.

NICE Robotic Process Automation offers a full spectrum of automation solutions from a single platform with a combination of attended, unattended, and cognitive automation which NICE believes streamlines processes, eliminates errors, and frees employees to focus on high-value tasks. NICE also offers NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant), which NICE considers to be the first and most advanced employee virtual attendant bot in the global market. NICE has also been recognized as a leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for RPA.

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