Published on 26 September 2022

Accelerate Business Growth through Contact Center

Words by:

Annisa Nur Fauzi

Bank Mandiri is the current largest bank in the country in terms of total assets. Branching out throughout Indonesia, currently we have over 2 thousand offices manned by over 37 thousand employees. We also have 7 overseas branches. Sitting at the epicenter of our service is the contact center that operates 24/7. As of 2022, 70% of our customer interactions are done through Contact Center channels handled by over 800 agents.

Recently, more challenges we have to overcome such as pandemic covid-19, financial disruption resulting sudden shift in the banking industry, interactions shift from face to face into digital touch, and transformation needs of digital customers leads us to transform for giving our remarkable customer experience. Shifting towards digital-based and self service oriented process to transform operation from servicing to sales and advisory model is our main purpose in Mandiri Contact Center. Contact Center nowadays not only functions as support system moreover becoming revenue generator for the company.

Supported by enhanced technology for contact center, Bank Mandiri creates seamless interactions to connect with customers through digital touch. With our financial super apps, Livin with complete banking services all in your hand. For our wholesale customers, we provide Kopra, wholesale digital super platform that completes customer business need with one access. With our support from Mandiri Contact Center, we serves customer excellently with our gold standard services through integrated digital banking ecosystem.

By joining competitions in Contact Center such as The Best Contact Center Indonesia, Bank Mandiri proves that our Contact Center has an advanced quality services, operational excellence completes with leading technology systems. Supported by our achievement throughout years in joining not only regional competitions moreover global level. By doing our continuous improvement, Bank Mandiri always gives superior banking services to maintain our positive customer experience and loyalty to be your preferred financial partner. We strive to deliver a brighter future for Indonesia.